What to do if the shower nozzle breaks


We all know that the shower nozzle is very important fo […]

We all know that the shower nozzle is very important for the whole bathing, but what should I do if I accidentally break the nozzle in life?

The shower head is very important for the whole shower. What to do if the nozzle is broken Next, we will study how to solve this problem.

1. Repair method for nozzle damage: first check whether the nozzle is damaged. If it is not broken, screw the nozzle back. If it is determined that the sprinkler head is rotated, only one can be replaced in this case. It is best to take the sprayer and put it in the store to buy a suitable one. Things to note here: You have to buy rubber belts or raw material belt nozzles. The replacement method is also very simple. Rotate the newly purchased spray head on the entire hose.

2. The nozzle is damaged. Such as soft soil or excessive scale on the nozzle, it will cause this situation. The entire nozzle needs to be disassembled for cleaning. This kind of cleaning can naturally be carried out regularly in daily life, so as to obtain a good bathing experience and extend the entire shower head replacement cycle. The shower nozzle has a little water leakage, and the entire nozzle must be replaced.

3.The maintenance method of sprinklers and hoses. If you want to extend the storage time of showers and hoses. First of all, we can't put it in our temporary room arbitrarily, but try to put it in a fixed place. It's repaired so that he doesn't break again after he falls. At the same time, wrap the hose to avoid breakage.


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