What to do if the shower is blocked


After the shower has been used for a period of time, th […]

After the shower has been used for a period of time, the water flow will become very small, and the water will be particularly difficult. This is because the shower head is blocked. In fact, this problem is not difficult to solve. Let’s take a look today. good idea.

There are two main reasons why the shower is blocked, one is the quality of the shower, and the other is the scale problem. The quality problem may be due to material problems, so when choosing a shower, it is best to choose a shower made of pure copper. This material is not suitable for falling paint and is not easy to cause blockage.

If there is no problem with the quality of the shower in the home, it is mostly due to clogging caused by scale accumulation. If the scale is not cleaned for a long time, it will cause clogging problems, especially the shower without a water purifier will be more likely to be blocked by the scale. The impurities in the water will remain and accumulate in the hole during the sprinkling of the shower. Limescale will form, causing the shower to block.



1. After the shower head is blocked, acupuncture is a common method in life. Use an embroidery needle to pierce the water outlet to make the scale fall off the inner wall, and then clean the nozzle of the water outlet, so that the scale will all be together with the water Come out, this method has a certain effect, but the effect is not great, and more troublesome, so it is not recommended to use acupuncture method.

2. White vinegar soaking method: You can put the nozzle in the basin, and then pour the white vinegar. Because white vinegar is a weak acid substance, it has a good effect on removing alkaline scale. When cleaning, you can soak the nozzle for about 4 hours to fully dissolve the scale. , And then use a brush to remove impurities on the surface, and finally rinse. When you use the shower again, you will find that the water is much smoother.

3. Use rust removal lubricant. If the nozzle is blocked due to rust, you can choose rust removal lubricant to solve the nozzle plug problem. This lubricant can separate the rust layer from the metal and effectively remove the rust inside the shower. After removing the traces, a protective film can be formed after removing the rust to avoid secondary rust.


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