What to do if the shower head breaks


The shower head is very important for the entire shower […]

The shower head is very important for the entire shower. What if the shower head is broken? Next, let's take a look at how to deal with this problem.


1. Repair method of damaged nozzle

First check whether the nozzle is damaged. If it is not broken, screw the nozzle back. If it is determined that the nozzle is screwed back, only one nozzle can be replaced in this case. The best way is to take the put down spray head to the store and buy a suitable one. . Please note that you must purchase spray heads with rubber bands or raw material bands. The replacement method is also very simple. Rotate the newly purchased spray nozzle to the entire hose.

2. Damage to the nozzle

If this happens, it is usually caused by soft soil or excessive scale on the nozzle. The entire nozzle needs to be removed for cleaning. Of course, this kind of cleaning can be carried out regularly in daily life, so as to have a good bathing experience and prolong the replacement of the entire shower head. If the shower head leaks a little, the entire nozzle needs to be replaced.


3. Maintenance method of spray nozzle and hose

If you want to extend the placement of the shower and hose. The first thing we need to do is not to put it in our temporary, try to put it in a fixed position. Fix it to prevent him from breaking after a fall. At the same time, the hose is twisted to avoid breaking.

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