What should we do if the shower head leaks


How to judge whether the shower head is leaking 1. Cove […]

How to judge whether the shower head is leaking

1. Cover the water outlet of the shower head with the palm of your hand, and use your mouth to blow into the water inlet to check for water leakage. If there is a leak, the shower head will leak.

2. When the shower head is running with water, it is slightly tilted on one side when the water comes out, it is easy to see whether the shower head is leaking.

3. Multifunctional shower heads are the easiest to leak in the case of dual functions. Some shower heads do not leak water only in one pattern, but it is difficult to ensure that they will not leak under dual functions.

How to solve the problem of water leakage in the shower head

1. Repair the leakage at the steering ball of the shower head.

Solution: First, unscrew the shower head from the steering ball ring, find the O-ring or similar seal inside and replace it, and then rotate the shower head back to its original position.

2. Leakage occurs at the joint of the shower head handle.

Solution: Select the appropriate shower hose and faucet according to the specifications, replace its rubber ring, and reinstall it. First use lashing pliers to unscrew the shower head handle from the hose. Clean the thread on the handle of the shower head, and coat the water pipe special adhesive or tie the water pipe special tape on the surrounding area. Then turn the shower head back and tighten, and remove the excess adhesive and tape.

3. Water leakage in the shower head may also be caused by sand or sediment in the shower head, or accumulated dander and mineral deposits.

Solution: Unscrew the shower head for cleaning. If necessary, soak the parts with vinegar and scrub the parts. Take care to avoid scratching them. If the shower head is an adjustable spray type, carefully check all movable parts for signs of excessive wear. If the rotating handle cannot move smoothly or the internal cam is broken, the entire shower head needs to be replaced.

4. The fine water from the shower head becomes a mixture of coarse and fine.

Solution: Rotate and adjust the shower head. If it still does not work, open the small round cap in the middle of the shower head with a screwdriver, open the shower head and rinse with water. You can also brush the shower hole with a toothbrush and install it again. can.

What to do if the shower is leaking teaches us how to solve the problem of the shower. However, to completely eliminate the problem of water leakage in the shower, you need to buy products with guaranteed quality, pay attention to maintenance, and replace them in time when the service life is up. Every step must be followed up in place.


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