What should we do if the shower head is blocked


Have you noticed this when using the shower? The longer […]

Have you noticed this when using the shower? The longer the shower is used, the smaller the water flow. This is due to careless maintenance and the shower head is blocked. Let's take a look at how to solve this situation together.

Why is the shower head blocked? It depends on the specific situation. Under normal circumstances, if your shower nozzle has not been installed for a long time and the nozzle is blocked, it may be because of the poor quality of the nozzle. But if your shower nozzle has been installed for a long time and used for a long time, the nozzle is blocked, it is because your nozzle has long-term water supply and impurities in the water will accumulate in the nozzle, causing the nozzle to be blocked for a long time. This is normal. The resolution of the problem depends on the cause.

1. If the quality of the shower head is not good, you should pay attention to its quality when purchasing the shower head, and choose a qualified shower head. Usually you need to go to a formal large-scale commodity inspection to buy. Don't be greedy for cheap. Choose plastic shower nozzles, but copper nozzles to prevent the nozzles from clogging, cracking and other quality problems.

2. If the shower blockage is caused by using the shower for a long time, we need to clean the shower nozzle regularly in our daily life. White vinegar can generally be used for descaling. The detailed usage is as follows: clean once every three months, remove the shower head, and immerse in a basin filled with white vinegar for 4-6 hours. Then, clean the nozzle and reinstall it. After the water supply is over, the scale is discharged, so as to achieve the effect of cleaning the scale and removing bacteria.

3. In addition to cleaning the nozzle, also pay attention to the cleaning of the nozzle surface. After use, keep the surface clean. Usually we use a soft cloth to wipe off the contaminated flour surface, and then rinse with water to keep it clean and smooth and extend the service life.


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