What Should I do If The Shower Head Is Blocked?


Every time you take a shower, you need to use the showe […]

Every time you take a shower, you need to use the shower, and after the shower is used for a long time, it will inevitably be blocked. If the shower is blocked, it will affect the normal use, so it needs to be cleaned in time, so what if the shower head is blocked? Clean it up?


1. Dip with vinegar


If your shower head has been blocked for a long time, and a large number of holes have been blocked. Then using a needle to pierce one by one is obviously not showing up. In this case, it is recommended that you use acidification to remove dust to solve the problem of clogged shower heads. You need to prepare some white vinegar. Pour the vinegar into a basin so that the shower head can be submerged. After soaking in vinegar for ten minutes, the scale in the shower head can be removed.



2. Use acupuncture


If some of the small holes in the shower in your house are blocked, let the water out first, and see that the holes are blocked at the bottom. Then you have to open the shower head of the shower and see that there are many small holes on the shower head like a shower head. This is where the water comes out. Then we first prepare a needle, and then use the needle to pierce the impurity in the perforation with the small hole that we saw just now, until there is no impurity in the hole. This method is straightforward, but be careful to puncture the shower hole.


3. Use lubricant

If the shower head is made of stainless steel and the outlet hole is blocked due to rust inside, then the shower head can be removed first, and then the garbage inside the shower head can be dumped out, and then Then use rust-removing and anti-rust lubricant to clean the shower head.  rust removal and antirust lubricant can separate the rust layer and the metal layer inside the shower head, so that the metal can have better permeability, and the rust position and the metal contact surface position can leave a protection Film, so that the shower head no longer appears rust.


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