What material to choose for bathroom hardware pendants


What material is good for bathroom hardware pendants? C […]

What material is good for bathroom hardware pendants?

Copper alloy

Copper alloy bathroom fixtures are currently the best on the market, especially made of environmentally friendly copper, which is more scarce. It will not rust in use at all. Copper has always been the first choice for furniture manufacturing in China. Material, and the copper alloy used now has better properties.

2.Aluminum alloy

Not to mention what kind of material is good for bathroom pendants? Let me say that the more durable and common material on the market is definitely made of aluminum alloy. Although it is only a low-end product, its specially treated surface will basically not cause electrolytes. The disadvantage is that the weight is too light, it is prone to deformation, and it is irreversible.

3.Zinc alloy

Bathroom accessories made of zinc alloy can only be regarded as low-grade products. Most of them are made by casting. The surface is not smooth. If there is no coating on the surface, it will basically be stored shortly after the storage. Bathroom pendants became unsightly.

4.Stainless steel

Stainless steel sanitary ware accessories belong to the low and medium grades, and their rust resistance is very good, but the disadvantage is that it is difficult to weld, the workability is the worst of all materials, and the shape is relatively simple and rigid.

5. Space aluminum

The currently popular bathroom pendant material on the market is the emerging space aluminum, which is an aluminum product with high strength and corrosion resistance, and the price is also economical, which is sought after by the consumer.

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