What is the installation method of the shower room


The shower head is an essential tool when we take a sho […]

The shower head is an essential tool when we take a shower. If it is not installed properly, it will be uncomfortable for us to use

1. Tighten the cover of the cold and hot outlet of the shower and install it on the S-shaped joint. The direction of the joint can be adjusted to facilitate the connection with the shower faucet. The joint should be wrapped with raw tape, no less than 30 turns, to prevent water leakage from the water pipe.

2. Before installing a shower faucet, a filter must be installed. The filter can filter the sand particles in the water flow. Although it may be blocked, it can protect the most important part of the faucet-the valve core from sand friction damage.

3. Use a spirit level to measure whether the faucet of the spirit level is installed level, and then install the nozzle and nozzles and other parts.

4. Shower installation information: The best distance between the shower faucet and the ground is about 1 meter. The height of the shower head of the lifting rod is preferably 2 meters, this distance is just enough to cover the whole body with the water outlet, and the intensity of the water flow is moderate. The installation height of the mobile shower handle is generally 1.7 meters, and it needs to be adjusted accordingly according to the user's height. The most suitable distance is that a person stands on the ground and can get the shower handle with a little touch. Otherwise, it is too high and the feet are used It is easy to stand unstable when spraying, and a safety accident may occur.


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