What are the tips for choosing a shower


Basically, everyone now has a shower installed in their […]

Basically, everyone now has a shower installed in their home. We should be very familiar with it and understand every part of it. With the dazzling array of showers on the market, it is inevitable that we will be picky when choosing showers, so you must understand these tips when buying showers so that you can choose the showers that are suitable for your home decoration.

What are the selection techniques for shower faucets?

1. According to performance

When choosing the faucet, start with the tentacle handle and press it several times to see if the hand feels fine, if the tension is moderate, and if it is too loose or too tight, it is a very bad phenomenon. The finish is also one of the highlights. The better the surface treatment, the smoother and brighter it is, indicating that its craftsmanship is better, and it can also indirectly reflect its quality. In addition, we have to see if there are trachoma or cracks on the joints of the faucet. Trachoma refers to the small holes and cracks that appear on the surface and inside of the copper material during the casting process. If there is a trachoma, water will seep after water is passed, and fracture will occur in severe cases.

2. The actual situation of the family

The shower has two handles, hot water on the left and cold water on the right. The sign is clear and easy to use. It is more suitable for the elderly or children. Moreover, the shape of the single-handle handle is more beautiful, the shape is simple, the left and right rotation to adjust the hot and cold water, the operation is convenient, but it should be used carefully to avoid burning.

3.Faucet valve core

The spool of a valve is like a human heart, and the quality of the spool is especially important when choosing a valve. There are three common faucet valve cores: stainless steel ball valve, ceramic disc valve core and roller type valve core. The common point of the three is that it has integrity and integrity. The full mandrel is integrated, which is easy to install, maintain and replace. The ceramic valve core has the advantages of low price and less water pollution, but the ceramic texture is brittle and easy to break. ; The advantage of axial rolling spool is smooth hand rotation, simple operation, aging resistance and abrasion resistance; while the stainless steel ball valve has a high technical content, some high-end sanitary products use it as the spool of its latest product, which can be precisely controlled The water temperature ensures the rapid and accurate flow of hot water, which saves water and energy.


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