What are the precautions for shower installation


The shower head is a necessity for every home decoratio […]

The shower head is a necessity for every home decoration, but the installation is not so simple, the design is unreasonable, and the installation is not standardized, which directly affects the later use, and needs to be reinstalled, which is very troublesome. Therefore, you must pay attention to the installation, for future use, save worry and effort.


There are two types of showers, one is concealed shower and the other is exposed shower. The first is the concealed shower. The concealed shower is at the outlet of the wall, which should be 2.1 meters from the ground according to regulations. The shower switch should preferably be 1.1 meters away from the ground. This position is convenient for us to control the water flow and temperature adjustment during use.




There are many types of surface-mounted showers, and the switch position of surface-mounted showers should be 1.1 meters away from the ground. Even the surface-mounted shower can be installed as a lifting system. Using the lifting rod, you can adjust the temperature at will when you use it. When you install it, you can make specific adjustments according to the distance between the switch and the floor. Very convenient.


The data for these two installations is just a calculation based on the average data. The shower pipe is hot on the left and cold on the right. The distance between the two pipes is 15cm. Under normal circumstances, the water pressure should also be controlled within 1.5 kg, such details It must be considered during installation, so that the installed shower will not burst or be unusable without water due to height and water pressure.



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