What are the maintenance methods for the shower faucet


We all know that the electroplating process used in the […]

We all know that the electroplating process used in the shower is different from other sanitary products, so its maintenance method is also different. In the shower, due to water quality, environment and other factors, there will be a certain amount of scale and impurities. Accumulated scale and impurities will affect your bathing comfort to a certain extent, and even destroy the shower. The maintenance of shower parts is easy to be overlooked, especially the maintenance of shower heads, so pay attention to the correct maintenance of the product. Let's take a look at the maintenance methods.

1. To ensure the durability of the product, please use it gently and slowly.

2. After using for a long time, if you find that the sprinkler water flows out irregularly and intermittently, there will be debris blocking the water outlet. At this time, you only need to gently move the sprinkler nozzle soft glue with your hand, and the small debris will be Will automatically flush out water.

3. Do not use strong acid when removing scale, otherwise it will cause corrosion to the shower surface.

4. The side of the faucet supplying hot water is in a high temperature state. Please do not let the skin directly touch the surface to avoid scalding.

5. Decontamination powder cannot be used. Cleaners containing particles such as wiping powder or nylon can be wiped.

6. Because acid cleaner will corrode the electroplated layer, it should not be used when washing clothes; if you use acid cleaner to wash the tiles, you should rinse it with water immediately, and then wipe it with a soft cloth.

7. When the faucet is stained, first scrub it with an appropriate amount of neutral detergent, and then rinse with water to waterproof the faucet.


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