What are the installation steps of the shower


The shower head is basically an important part of the b […]

The shower head is basically an important part of the bathroom decoration in every family. There are many types of shower heads, and the way it is installed is also very different. Do you know how to install the shower head?

1. First of all, when installing, we must determine how to install the shower in our home, and then understand the installation steps, otherwise it will cause a great impact.

2. When installing, first determine the installation height of the mixing valve, determine the installation position of the mixing valve, and then find the position of the eccentric joint, adjust the height according to the height of the family members, and then compare it with the preset Connect the outlet pipes and keep a certain distance, preferably around 15 cm.

3. When installing the main part of the terrace and the main water pipe, it is best to wrap the thread with raw material to avoid water leakage, and then put the faucet in the water outlet and the screw butt, after tightening, install the faucet rod and the faucet together in the eccentric At the joint, pay attention to the overall tightness, and finally connect the shower head to the shower rod, and then connect the main body and the shower with a hose.

Classification and components of shower heads

According to the valve core: ordinary shower, thermostatic shower, mainly different from the thermostatic valve core.

According to different materials: the all-copper spindle, stainless steel spindle, portable shower and overhead shower are mostly made of ABS material, and some models are made of stainless steel.

According to the function, it is divided into: single function, double function, three function and four function. In general, the function here is to indicate the number of nozzle types.

In general, the simplest shower head is a faucet + a shower pipe + a hand-held bracket. The shower head can be taken out during bathing to wash all parts of the body.

Slightly upgraded shower head: faucet + shower pipe + handheld + top shower. It can have three functions: handheld, top spray and bottom spray, which is currently the most widely used one.

The upgraded version time and time again is this side spray style, installed on the wall, the water flow comes from the side of the body, installed in different positions, can also achieve the massage effect, it can be said that it is very enjoyable.


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