What are the installation skills of metal hoses


There are many hose installation techniques. Metal hose […]

There are many hose installation techniques.

Metal hose system installation engineering technical skills: choose your own suitable metal hose. Various metal hoses, braided pipes, PVC reinforced pipes.

Metal hose installation skills: how to replace the metal hose

First of all, you can replace the old hose, the flower tube in the shower, and the faucet on both ends of the screw. Then they put the new metal through the hose, screwed one end to the shower and the other end to the outlet tap, with a thread on it.

Installation skills of metal hoses: precautions for using metal hoses

The temperature change of the environment where the metal passes through the hose should not affect more than 70°C. High temperature and ultraviolet rays will greatly accelerate the aging of the shower and shorten the service life of the shower. Therefore, the installation of the shower head should be as far away as possible from electric heating sources such as bath heaters. The shower head cannot be installed directly under the Yuba, the distance from us must be more than 60cm. The metal hose should maintain a natural material stretching state, and generally should not be coiled around the faucet when not in use. At the same time, pay attention to the connection between the hose and the faucet to avoid breakage or damage or the metal hose.


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