What are the advantages of wall showers


When mentioning the shower, it is necessary to consider […]

When mentioning the shower, it is necessary to consider the shower support, especially the handheld shower head, which must have a base as its support; in recent years, many fashionable and easy-to-use suction cup-type bases have appeared, but still Does not affect the position of the wall shower in people's hearts, the various styles and their advantages and disadvantages are basically as follows:

1. Advantages: it can be used repeatedly, the installation position can be changed at will, and the installation is easy without breaking the wall; it is especially suitable for home use.

2. Disadvantages: Because of its special adsorption requirements, it is usually limited by the level of the wall surface, the bearing capacity, and the temperature difference caused by the steam in the bathroom. It is easy to fall off.

3. Advantages: Traditional wall-mounted fixed shower brackets are still commonly used at present, with its performance of metal materials, and the use of embedded walls to ensure the use of solid and reliable; Very long, not affected by the temperature difference of the steam and the moisture resistance of the wall.

4. Disadvantages: It is regrettable that the fixed shower support into the wall will damage the wall. If you want to install it perfectly and beautifully, you also need professionals or professional tools.

Regardless of whether the suction cup type or fixed wall shower head is selected, there is a common selection requirement, which is its adjustability. Gu Xiaobian knows that there are 37-degree stepless adjustment, there are four-level gear adjustment, and universal adjustment, etc. If you are at home, you can choose according to your family ’s height and preferences. There are always several angles for you at 360 degrees. .

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