User-friendly design - shower room shelf


In the past, the bathroom was not taken seriously, and […]

In the past, the bathroom was not taken seriously, and the items were placed on the washstand or on the hanging rack. It seemed to be messy... Nowadays, people have paid attention to the bathroom storage, creating a clean and tidy bathroom space, and the appearance of the boutique rack is also very good. This problem has been solved.

The shower room boutique rack is also called the rack, which can keep the bathroom space clean and tidy, and can also be separated from wet and dry.

Boutique rack function

Place shampoo, shower gel, hand soap and other hygiene products.

Laying clothes

Place toiletries or toilet paper, share it with the wash basin, and share the toilet paper with the toilet.

Place decorations, ornaments, and beautify the bathroom environment.

Shower room rack installation

1. Installed in the corner

2. Installed in the inside of the shower room, you can design a boutique frame at the corner of the corner or fixed fan and the wall (to be combined with the width of the shower room)

3. Installed outside the shower room

The shower room outside the shower room of Deli shower room fully separates the bathroom from wet and dry. When you take a bath, you only need to open the small door of the external boutique, you can get dry clothes and dry towels. At the same time, this boutique frame can also be used outside the shower, all made of 10mm fully tempered glass.

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