The solution to the clogged shower nozzle


The shower is commonly used at home. What if one day su […]

The shower is commonly used at home. What if one day suddenly finds that the water flow is very small, the shower is leaking, or the shower is blocked? Do you know how to fix it? What caused it?

1. Is the tap water pressure of the user's home smaller than before: If so, you need to find a tap water company to check the water supply pipeline and pressure

2. The valve of the pipeline connected to the water heater is opened smaller: Open the inlet valve larger.

3. Due to the high floor and low water pressure of the water source, the water output is reduced by the pressure reduction of the water mixing valve. At this time, it is recommended to connect a water heater in series between the water supply valve and the water inlet Booster pump.

4. The water mixing valve is inherently insufficient, the diameter is small, and the throttling causes the water output to become smaller: the inlet end of the detachable water mixing valve, try to connect it to the water heater's water supply valve with a hose, or connect the nozzle hose directly to Try the hot water outlet end of the water heater, and distinguish the quality of the mixing valve according to the water output of the nozzle; replace the mixing valve of the formal brand under the premise of the water pressure of the water source.

5. Improper installation, deformed rubber ring, uneven or too thin outlet pipe joint, mismatch between hose and shower, etc.: Choose the appropriate hose and shower according to the specifications, replace the rubber ring, and reinstall.



6. The sprinkler is congenital insufficiency, and the internal resistance is large, resulting in small water output: replace the sprinkler.

7. The shower pipe is broken, and the pipe is clogged to prevent water from flowing: the water pipe needs to be protected during use. Although the creases will not only affect the appearance, but there are many creases that are prone to water leakage.

8. The nozzle is clogged, resulting in poor water flow. Generally, if the water in the home is too alkaline and contains some impurities, it is easy to block the shower holes; in addition, air deposits and dust will enter the interior through the shower holes and accumulate for a long time. It will also block the shower; improper adjustment of the shower nozzle may also cause the increase of foreign matter and scale.

Solution to the nozzle blockage:

1. Rotate and adjust the shower nozzle.

2. After disassembling the nozzle, place the nozzle with the spray eye facing upward, and find a soft object to gently touch it to shake off the clogged gravel. At the same time, clean the nozzles one by one, and then repeatedly clean with clean water. , Then install and restore.

3. Go to the supermarket to buy a bottle of descaling agent to remove dirt, and remove the shower head. Put it in the water and clean it well with a descaling agent, and it is generally faster to clean it with warm water. After rinsing, be sure to scrub the descaler left on the shower head, and then install the shower head as it is.

4. Take out a little vinegar (rice vinegar) and dip the shower into the vinegar. Be sure to dip all the small holes in the vinegar. Wait about ten minutes before taking it out, then rinse with water to remove the vinegar remaining in the shower.

In addition, if your shower head is fixed on the wall, it cannot be removed and soaked in vinegar. You can fill the sprinkler with a plastic bag filled with vinegar, stick it with tape and let it stand overnight, and then remove the vinegar bag the next morning. But be careful not to stick the tape to the wire board or paint.

At the same time, be careful not to use strong acid when removing scale to avoid corrosion on the shower surface.

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