The right way to install a shower


How to contact the water in home furnishings to make ba […]

How to contact the water in home furnishings to make bathing healthier and more comfortable, choosing the right shower equipment is the key. The shower head, shower panel and shower column carefully distinguish their respective advantages and combine their own individual bathing methods.

Easy installation of arc shower rods

It is very convenient to return to the traditional arc shower rod. 250mm copper circular rain shower, you can fully enjoy the warmth and nourishment of water. As a supplement, the hand shower has three functions that are suitable for the bathing needs of the whole family. The lifting rod and shower rod of the hand shower are integrated design, which is more simple and practical. The metal hose is anti-winding, so even children at home can be assured.

Tailor-made solutions for overhead and side showers

People who often experience back and waist pain, it is recommended to choose a side spray shower, which can relieve the pain by massaging the water. According to your own needs, plan in advance the number and location of side showers, and design a waterway reconstruction plan. The side spray shower can also adjust different water outlet methods and directions. Be careful not to spray the shower directly to the side when the valve is just opened, otherwise the unstable water pressure may cause accidental injury.

Slim shower column easily creates a double bathing space

The small footprint of the shower column makes it ideal for creating a double bathroom. There is no need to bury the pipeline in advance, and the installation is convenient. Reliable hard water pipes have a long service life and hoses are connected to hand showers to complement the shower. Water doesn't splash everywhere and can be used with a shower tray.

Hand shower in place

The average family chooses this combination of hand shower, lifting rod, hose and surface-mounted wall-mounted shower faucet, which is affordable and efficient, and can be used with a shower room or shower curtain. Pay attention to the installation height of the lifting rod. The height of the upper end is 10 cm higher than the height of the person. The choice of the length of the hose also depends on the height and use of the person. If you want to use a shower to wash the floor of the bathroom, you can choose a longer one. In general, 125 cm is sufficient. The handheld shower is very safe to use, especially when the thermostat is not installed, it can prevent the sudden cold water or hot water stimulus just after opening the water valve, which is suitable for the elderly and children. With a hand shower, you can rinse a part of your body up close and save water. If someone in the family has a disability and needs a bath, a hand shower can play its role.

For large square shower heads directly installed on the wall, the bearing capacity of the wall should be considered. The shower area is large, and multiple channels of water may be supplied simultaneously to ensure water output. The water valve embedded in the wall regulates various water outlet methods such as rain and waterfall. It is suitable for use in a large shower room or a wet and dry bathroom.

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