The main basis for choosing a shower


1. Water outlet method   When bathing, the way the […]

1. Water outlet method


When bathing, the way the shower sprinkles water determines the strength of the water shower and the skin comfort and the comfort. Generally speaking, the sprinkler has several types of water output, such as natural water, massage water, spray water, waterfall water, etc. When purchasing, you can feel the strength of the water on the spot, whichever makes you feel more comfortable, choose which method.


2. Water pressure


Generally speaking, the water output of the shower has a great relationship with the water pressure at home. The water output is not strong enough when the water pressure is low, and the water output is relatively small. I always feel that the shower is not refreshing enough, and the sporadic water droplets drip on the body. Shower gel is difficult to rinse off. If the water pressure at home is not enough, you can buy a booster pump to relieve it.

3. Material


There are also many choices for the material of the shower head. Generally speaking, the copper material as the main body will be more cost-effective than other materials, the corrosion resistance will be better, and it is not easy to produce scale. The water quality is better and the skin health will be better.


4. Spool


The selection of the valve core of the shower is also very important. Generally speaking, it is divided into three types. Among them, the ceramic valve core is the most worthy of choice. This kind of valve core has little water pollution, and has the best sealing and wear resistance. The most important thing is that the price is moderate and it is the most cost-effective material, so it is very popular.

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