Sprinkler maintenance skills make your shower last as long as new


The shower is a bathroom product with a very high frequ […]

The shower is a bathroom product with a very high frequency of use, but due to long-term exposure to a humid environment, it is easy to make the surface coating black, and the use of it for many years will make it more and more uncomfortable. If you can use and maintain the shower properly in the following ways, it will last as long as new even after a long time.


Shower hose
Do you often use the shower head and wind it around the switch and faucet. In fact, this behavior will damage the shower hose to a certain extent, and it will damage or break the hose for a long time. The correct approach is to keep it in a natural stretched state.


Due to water quality, especially in areas with relatively hard water quality, long-term use will cause the shower outlet to be blocked by scale. Users in these areas should try to choose showers with glue particles or self-cleaning devices. For example, some of the showers under Kabei have thimble self-cleaning technology. After bathing, the thimble hidden in the water outlet will automatically extend to remove scale.

Ambient temperature
When using the shower, the ambient temperature should not be too high, try to be less than 70℃. High temperature and ultraviolet light will greatly accelerate the aging of the shower and shorten the service life of the shower. Therefore, the shower should be installed as far away as possible from the heat source of electric appliances such as the bathroom heater. The sprinkler cannot be installed directly under the Yuba, and the distance should be above 60cm.


Overall maintenance
Different showers have different appearance processes, including electroplating and baking varnish. If it is electroplated, often use a soft cloth to stick a little flour to wipe the electroplated surface of the shower, and then rinse with water to make the surface of the shower as bright as new; the maintenance of the paint process is much simpler, like the piano grade used in the Cabe black shower Baking paint process, as long as it does not touch corrosive substances, it will not fall off for a long time.

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