Small amount of shower water when showering


The shower is a spare device when we shower. Because it […]

The shower is a spare device when we shower. Because it is used every day, there will be various movements during use, so it is possible to have problems. When the amount of shower water is getting smaller, it may be In our first family, you will feel that it is stopped. In fact, we should check it first to see where the problem is and how to check it?
1. Is the user's home water pressure smaller than ever: If this is the case, look for the water company to check the water supply line and pressure.

2. The pipeline valve connected to the water heater is opened small: the inlet valve is opened.

3. Due to the high floor occupancy, low water pressure of the water source, and the pressure reduction of the mixing valve, the water output is even smaller: at this moment, it is advocated that the water supply valve and the water inlet are connected in series. Pressure pump.

 4. The water outlet of the mixing valve may be caught by small sand and dirt, resulting in a small amount of water. The mixing valve is congenitally insufficient, the diameter is small, and the water consumption is reduced by the saving: the inlet end of the mixing valve can be disassembled, the hose is connected to the water supply valve of the water heater, or the nozzle hose is directly connected to the water heater. Try the hot water outlet end, and identify the quality of the mixing valve according to the water output of the nozzle; replace the mixing valve of the brand under the premise that the water pressure of the water source is satisfied.

5. The device is not properly installed, the rubber ring is deformed, the outlet pipe joint is not flat or may be too thin, and the hose and shower are not matched. Select the appropriate hose and shower according to the specifications, replace the rubber ring, and re-install.

6. The shower pipe is broken, and the pipe is blocked and cannot be discharged: in the process of application, the water pipe needs to be protected. Although the crease not only affects the appearance, but the repeated creases simply show the leaking condition.

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