Shower room installation steps


First, the size Before installing the shower room, firs […]

First, the size

Before installing the shower room, first look at the size of the bathroom, and then design the size of the shower room according to the bathroom area. After determining the size, install the foundation and use the black foundation, it is not easy to dirty.

Second, the fixed frame

After the size of the shower room is good, you can start to punch the fixing frame on the wall after marking.

Third, the upper screw fixed

Fourth, install tempered glass wall

After fixing the frame, it is equipped with 6 PCT full tempered glass wall, which is to clamp the glass with two U-shaped grooves on the upper and lower sides, and it can be stuck on the aluminum alloy frame.

Fifth, install the glass door

Install the double-opening curved shower door. This is to install the aluminum alloy frame slot with two two-wheel hanging rails on the upper and lower sides. Install a stop anti-collision bead on each of the left and right sides. Please see the picture: the two on the right It is the hanging wheel, the transparent one on the left is the stop bumper!

Six, the installation of shower handle

The shower hand are designed with corresponding screw holes and can only be screwed on with a screwdriver.

Seven, anti-water

The anti-water shower room is designed in the lower part of the aluminum alloy frame. The general shower room is U-shaped. In this way, it usually takes a circle of water after the cold is finished, and the cleaning is troublesome! There is water and it has flowed away. There is no need to clean it up. It can be described as a lazy design!

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