Shower faucet matching skills


Today, the design of faucets has been subdivided into e […]

Today, the design of faucets has been subdivided into each age group. For example, products designed for young people aged 25-35 years have no unnecessary decoration on the design, which reflects the simple and elegant style; cartoon hand-held designed for children The shower is colorful and lively. In terms of styling, the faucet handles and outlet pipes are various, most of which are streamlined, and the higher-end products are more unique in shape. It's like a piece of art. So here are some points to note when matching shower faucets:

Most of the shower faucets are made of stainless steel, with a strong modern color and high fashion. Choose the same stainless steel as the shower room, bathroom shelf and other bathroom products with the same color system to match. The wall tiles can also use visuals such as black. The strong color can enhance the modern sense of bathroom and enhance the fashion.

If your bathroom is mainly cold, you can choose silver faucets; if it is mainly warm, then use gold. If the style of the entire bathroom is more complicated, you can use milky white.

Different types

The shower faucet is suitable for various types of decoration. A simple shower room with a shower shower occupies a corner of the bathroom, which is simple and stylish. If the size is large, you can choose a double-handle faucet with launching water, which looks atmospheric. For small units, you can choose a single handle faucet, small and exquisite, IKEA and IKEA.

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