Shower classification


①Portable shower: you can hold the shower in your hand […]

①Portable shower: you can hold the shower in your hand and shower at will, and the shower bracket has a fixed function;
②Overhead shower: The shower head is fixed at the top of the head, and the bracket is inserted into the wall. It does not have the function of lifting. However, there is a small movable ball on the shower head to adjust the angle of the water. The up and down movement angle is more flexible;
③Position shower: The shower is hidden in the wall and sprays on the body side. There are various installation positions and spray angles for cleaning and massage.

1. According to the form, it is divided into: hand shower, overhead shower and side spray shower.

2. Divided by water outlet method
(1) General style: the shower water flow required for bathing, suitable for simple and quick showers.
(2) Massage style: It refers to the strong and powerful water spray, which can be poured intermittently to stimulate every acupuncture point of the body.
(3) Turbine type: The water flow is concentrated into a water column, which makes the skin feel numb and itchy. This bathing method can stimulate and clear the mind well;
(4) Strong beam type: The water flowing out is strong, which can produce a foggy effect through the collision between the water streams, which can increase the fun of bathing.
(5) Gentle style; the water comes out slowly and has a relaxing effect.


3. According to the installation height of the shower head, it is divided into:
(1) Concealed shower: The distance between the center of the concealed water outlet on the wall and the ground should be 2.1 meters, and the best distance between the center of the shower switch and the ground should be 1.1 meters.
(2) Surface-mounted lifting pole shower: generally defined by the surface of the shower, and the best distance is 2 meters.

4. Music shower: With the continuous advancement of technology, integrating the mini waterproof sound into the shower allows people to enjoy relaxing music in the bath. Some high-end products also have a Bluetooth call function.
1. When the water pressure is (0.1±0.01) MPa, the flow rate is ≤0.15L/s;
2. Service life (times): 1×10
The hose connected to the shower meets the requirements of JC 886-2001.

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