Several issues that are easily misled in the knowledge of sanitary products


Bathroom hardware is an indispensable existence in ever […]

Bathroom hardware is an indispensable existence in every family, but some of the internal differences and concepts may not be well understood by ordinary people, let alone be prepared to see some doorways when buying, then let’s list a few. The concept of bathroom products is easily misleading.

1. The whole copper of the main body of the faucet and the whole copper of the faucet are completely different concepts.

The main body is made of copper, which means that the main parts are made of copper, but the handle and hand wheel are electro-galvanized, and the outlet water can also be made of other materials. Some brands of products include overhead showers, brackets, faucets, and handhelds that are all made of copper. I really don’t know. It's not that all copper is necessary. In fact, all copper is really unnecessary. It's just that some businesses will deliberately confuse these two concepts, and people who don't know how to do it are easy to be fooled.



2. Ten-layer electroplating and ten-level electroplating

Those who know some sanitary ware must have heard the selling points of how many layers of electroplating, and some brands have marked ten layers of electroplating. I don't know if the propaganda person does not understand the selling point of the product or deliberately. Ten-level electroplating usually means that the salt spray test can achieve the surface defect-free evaluation, but generally speaking, there is no ten-layer electroplating for sanitary products.

3. It does not mean that the weight is heavy, the material is good

Weigh any disagreement. This is one of the most popular tactics used by many merchants at present, because it is more intuitive, and the heavy weight also reflects the fact that the materials used are not cut corners, but some unscrupulous vendors will take advantage of the loopholes and make messy things to weigh.

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