Several different ways of shower quality


Now there are many shower brands and styles, but the ma […]

Now there are many shower brands and styles, but the material is not easy to distinguish from the surface. Because bathroom showers also need to be carefully selected, how to judge the material of bathroom showers and make them practical?

Distinguish from the shower's water discharge method.In general, the shower's water discharge method is:

1. General formula: The shower water flow that is basically required for bathing. With multiple water outlet holes, many water outlet surfaces are formed, and a large area of ​​rain-like effects are created from different water outlet angles, so that you can enjoy the hearty shower. Suitable for simple and quick showers.

2. Gentle type: The effluent is the meat and water droplet-shaped water flow formed by mixing the water flow and air in the mixing chamber. This water flow is particularly suitable for shampooing. When the single-injection water flows out from the same outlet pipe, the water flow is concentrated but not soft, which can enhance the body's immunity.

3. Massage type: By making a small amount of water flow in the shower wheel cavity, and then spraying it out at a certain interval, a massage water flow is formed. The massage water spray is powerful and intermittent, which can stimulate every acupuncture point of the body; this powerful pulsed water current has both massage and refreshing effects.

4. Strong beam type: strong water outflow, can produce a misty effect through the collision between water flows, and can increase the fun of bathing.

5. Turbine type: The water flow is concentrated into a column of water, which makes the skin feel slightly itchy and slightly itchy. This bathing method can stimulate and clear the mind very well.

Distinguish it from the self-cleaning of the shower: ordinary showers usually have their outlet holes in them, but there is a style on the market that is exactly the opposite. The designer boldly exposed the outlet holes outside, and the rubber texture touches Get up hard. According to reports, this design is on the one hand for easier cleaning and can be scrubbed by hand or cloth; on the other hand, the water holes are prominent and the shower water will be more natural. In addition, some showers have a self-cleaning function. When spraying water, the descaling needle will automatically clean the sediment at the water outlet, but the price is more expensive than ordinary showers.

From the details of the shower accessories: the shower head directly affects the water texture, while the shower accessories will affect the comfort of use. Some brands of water pipes and lifting rods are particularly flexible. The hose is equipped with steel wire to resist buckling. The connection is also equipped with anti-twist ball bearings. Even if you are dancing while taking a bath, the water pipes will not "fight"; Rotating the controller, it is easy to move vertically or horizontally.

Distinguish from the water saving of the shower: The water saving function of the shower is an important point to consider when choosing a shower. Some showers use a steel ball valve core and are equipped with a hot water controller to regulate the inflow of hot water into the mixing tank, so that the hot water can flow out quickly and accurately. This type of reasonable design showers save 50% water than ordinary showers.

Distinguish from the height of the shower head: The installation height of the shower head can be divided into two types according to the type of shower head: the concealed shower head, the wall distance between the buried outlet and the ground should be 2.1 meters, and the center distance between the shower switch and the ground is recommended It is 1.1 meters; the surface-mounted lifting rod shower is generally defined by the shower surface, and the distance is recommended to be 2 meters.

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