Points to note when choosing a shower


If you take a shower at home every day, you may not fee […]

If you take a shower at home every day, you may not feel the importance of the shower. If you have the opportunity to stay in a five-star hotel, remember to take a shower in it, and you will find that a good shower gives you a real shower experience. Different. A comfortable bathing experience not only requires a good water heater, but the shower is a very important part.

1. Is the shower head sprayed well or handheld?

There are two choices for shower heads: hand shower and top shower. This is mainly determined by your own bathing habits. Relatively speaking, men are more inclined to the top spray, and take a bath with a large amount of water. Women prefer hand-held showers, which have delicate water and will not wet their hair during the bath. All, more and more families will choose shower sets with top spray and handheld. Although it is more expensive, it can meet the needs of the whole family for different bathing methods. Most of the showers are similar in shape, and the spray effect is mainly determined when choosing. With good quality showers, each small nozzle hole sprays uniformly, and can achieve a smooth shower effect under different water pressures.

2. What are the special features of shower material?

Copper showers are slightly more expensive, but they are also more durable. Stainless steel showers have relatively few shapes and styles, and are mostly used in high-end hotels. If you want to truly pursue high quality, you must choose copper + electroplating products. When choosing, you can look at the gloss and smoothness of the shower. The bright and smooth shower shows that the coating is uniform, the quality is relatively good, and the service life will be longer. A good electroplating process can avoid water stains, and it can be as clean as new in a year or a half. The quality of the shower spray coating not only affects the quality and service life, but also affects the usual cleaning and sanitation. The surface of the shower is generally chrome-plated. A good coating can be maintained at a high temperature of 150°C for 1 hour without blistering, wrinkling, or cracking. Peeling phenomenon, 24 hours acetic acid salt spray detection does not corrode.




3. Is the spool of the shower important?

Very important, the spool is the heart of the shower. The steering, pressure, flow, etc. of the shower are basically controlled by the spool, and it is also a key component for mixing cold and hot water. It will directly affect the comfort of bathing and the length of time of use. For example, thermostatic showers rely on the valve core to control the temperature. The constant temperature shower can save you the time to adjust the water temperature, and it will not be hot and cold when taking a bath.

4. Is the constant temperature shower good?

Hot and cold bath water is not only an uncomfortable problem, it can also easily cause colds and burns. The constant temperature shower has a constant water output and can balance the water pressure. The standard temperature is generally around 38°C, which is similar to the human body temperature. The shower emits water within this temperature range, and the bath is the most comfortable, not to worry about scalding or catching cold. At the same time, the maximum temperature of the water outlet is limited to 49 ℃ to avoid the accidental operation of the elderly and children at home and cause burns. The thermostatic shower is also convenient to use, and there is no need to repeat the action after setting the temperature, which reduces the traditional repeated operation of the cold and hot water mixing handle, which improves efficiency and saves time. The standard thermostatic shower faucet has a knob on the left and right sides. One knob adjusts the water temperature and the other knob controls the water volume. The left knob adjusts the water volume. When the scale is aligned, it is closed. Turn it forward to adjust the water volume. But constant temperature showers have certain requirements for water quality, as long as there is no obvious suspended matter in the water, if the water quality in your home is really poor, you can install a pre-filter or water purifier to extend the service life of the shower.


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