Overhead Showers Offer The Same Performance Benefits


Covered of other types of overhead shower systems, with […]

Covered of other types of overhead shower systems, with the added benefit of a completely enclosed body. The most popular enclosure type is the rain shower head, which mounts above the existing overhead plumbing. You can install it right over the bathtub if that is what you want and enjoy the benefits of a completely enclosed shower system. The more popular style of covered shower is the hand shower, which offers more room under the roof and easy installation for any do-it-yourselfer. These types of showers provide the same wet to dry bathing experience as a standard overhead fixture and have the same water efficiency as other types of fixtures.


Other popular shower types include shower pan assemblies, rain shower heads, hand showers and spray modes. Pan assemblies are available in chrome, black and silver finishes, and many companies offer customizable pan assemblies that include textured finish, textured moldings and spray features for added functionality. Pan assemblies are an excellent way to reduce the size of a bathroom when it is smaller, while providing a beautiful and practical shower enclosure.


Another popular option is the hand held, vertical, rounded or hinged shower fixture, which offers the same wet to dry functionality as other types of fixtures. Hand held shower systems come in all styles, from traditional side showers to contemporary rain shower systems. A hinged, vertical or rounded shower fixture can range from a simple chrome shower rod with one hook to full-scale hydraulically operated systems with many different water jets. Side showers can be installed in all styles and configurations, from above to below, in a multitude of ways. Whether you want to mount the side shower below the tub or on a separate deck, or if you prefer the old-fashioned side shower curtain, the hinged and vertical shower systems are available in all styles. Spray mounts are also available in chrome finish and in many other styles, and many are fully adjustable to suit any desired setting.

A final option that will help you decide which overhead showers are right for you is the variety of high-performance skins that are available. Options include textured, professional-looking, custom-designed skins in a huge variety of colors, textures and finishes. They are easy to care for and protect your shower fixtures from wear and tear, using little more than a damp cloth and a few drops of water. The most advanced Jitai Tube products feature a unique multi-layer protection of urethane foam panels, providing longer lasting protection from stains, hard water deposits and wear and tear.


If you are ready to take your showering experience to the next level, it's time to take a closer look at the options that are available in overhead showers. You have several different types of showers to consider, including showerheads with hand showers and multiple spray modes. It's also important to take a look at the features included in each style. Some of the most advanced Yuyao Jitai Tube Sanitary Ware Co products include built-in dual control valves for the perfect pressure and temperature control. They are available in chrome and high gloss surfaces for optimal performance. Look for shower parts and accessories that offer durability, longevity and the best possible performance.

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