Some matters about hand shower


1. Installation height of shower head 1. The height of […]

1. Installation height of shower head
1. The height of the shower mixing source valve from the ground: When installing the shower, the first thing to determine is the height of the shower mixing valve from the ground. Generally, before installing the shower, the installation of the shower has been determined. Place. Then the distance between the shower mixing valve and the ground is generally controlled within the height range of about 90~100cm. In this interval, you can also make fine adjustments according to your height. But generally, it should not be higher than 110cm. If it is too high, the shower riser may not be installed.
2. Reserved height of shower faucet: Generally, the reserved wire head of the installed shower faucet is just buried in the wall tiles. It is best to just cover it with a decorative cover. Otherwise it will look unsightly. Therefore, it is best for everyone to consider the place when laying the pipeline. Generally, it is 15mm higher than the rough wall, so that the wire can be buried when the tiles are finished to ensure that the wall is beautiful.
3. The reserved spacing of the inner wire elbow of the shower head: The general standard for the reserved spacing of the inner wire elbow of the shower head is about 10~15cm. Generally, when buying a shower, the seller will give two adapters, so that the water inlet of the mixing valve can be well connected to the hot and cold water outlet on the wall. However, as far as possible, do not use the adapter to transfer, so it is more beautiful.

2. Handheld shower installation precautions
1. It is necessary to punch holes when installing the shower. When punching holes, it is necessary to pay attention not to punch through the water pipes in the wall;
2. When installing the shower head on the round bottom cover, be sure to tighten the screws, otherwise the shower head will fall off;
3. When installing the hand shower, it cannot be robbed or twisted;
4. Before installing the shower head, be sure to determine the installation height and make a mark.
3. Handheld shower maintenance
While enjoying the comfortable experience brought to us by the shower, it is also necessary to clean and maintain the shower. Showers need to be descaled after using for a period of time. Strong acid cannot be used to remove the scales of the shower, otherwise it will corrode the surface of the shower; steel balls cannot be used to clean the surface of the shower, which will scratch the surface of the shower; The shower cannot be forcibly disassembled during the process. Improper operation will damage the shower and cause it to be unusable.
What I want to tell you here is that the installation height of the handheld showerhead should be determined according to your own family situation. The height of family members is different. When installing the showerhead, you should consider the needs of different heights, so as not to cause problems during later use. Necessary trouble.

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