How to solve the problem of scale on the shower


Basically, every one of us has a shower shower in our h […]

Basically, every one of us has a shower shower in our home. If it takes a long time, it is inevitable that some scale will appear on the surface and inside of the shower, which will affect the normal watering effect of the shower. Nowadays, the showers on the market are generally very difficult to open, so it is more troublesome to clean up the scale. Let's take a look at how to clean up the scales of the shower with Yuyao Jitai Tube Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd..

1. Prepare a plastic bag and put the shower head in the plastic bag. Then pour the white vinegar into a plastic bag. The amount of white vinegar is less than the head of the sprinkler. Let the sprinkler soak in the white vinegar for half an hour.

2. White vinegar not only has bactericidal effect, but also softens the scale in the nozzle. After the soaking time is over, take out the shower nozzle from the plastic bag and apply some toothpaste on the nozzle.

3. Since the toothpaste contains abrasives, the stains on the shower can be easily removed by scrubbing with it, so the shower after washing is smooth and unimpeded.

4. Put the washed shower head back to its original place, turn on the faucet and have a try, you will find that the water output is more than before, the impact of the water is also greater, and it can be easily repaired without spending money.

5. Then immerse the entire nozzle in warm water with white vinegar and soak for 30 minutes. During processing, you can pick up the nozzle and shake it back and forth in the water basin to let the scale fall off.

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