How to solve the leakage of the shower hose


If the shower hose is leaking, before we take correspon […]

If the shower hose is leaking, before we take corresponding remedial measures, we need to understand why it is leaking. If the hose leaks due to improper installation, deformation of the rubber ring, uneven or thin outlet pipe joints, and mismatch between the hose and the shower, then we need to select the appropriate hose and shower according to the specifications. And replace the rubber ring and reinstall it. If it is because the hose is broken, then we only need to replace it with a new hose.

How to replace the shower hose

1. Turn off the power of the water heater and close the water outlet valve.

2. Unscrew the turnbuckles on both ends of the hose. If the force is sufficient, it can be directly screwed by hand. If the strength is insufficient, use tools such as adjustable wrenches or pipe pliers to replace the old shower hose.

3. Connect the new hose between the water heater and the shower head and tighten it. The hoses currently on the market all come with a waterproof rubber ring. Check if the rubber ring is intact when installing.

4. Open the water outlet valve and check for leaks.

5. The water test is successful, no more water leaks, and you're done.

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