How to select a shower hose


The shower head is one of the important bathroom hardwa […]

The shower head is one of the important bathroom hardware in life, and the shower hose is an important part of the shower head. Many people have found that the sprinkler hoses in their homes are broken after being used for a period of time and need to be replaced frequently. This is because they have not mastered the selection skills of the sprinkler hoses, which leads to the poor quality of the sprinkler hoses. . So what are the selection techniques for shower hoses?

Tips for selecting shower hoses:


Metal hose-high temperature resistance, high corrosion resistance, thin wall hydroforming, good flexibility and flexibility;

Braided tube-has a certain price advantage, the lowest grade, and is prone to water leakage, oxidation and other problems;

PVC reinforced tube-not easy to deform, abrasion resistance and resistance to external pressure.


Nut style: Variety of nut styles;

Nut material: copper or stainless steel;

Joint material: copper or stainless steel.


Hose structure: The structure is firm, and it has passed the compression, tension and torsion resistance tests.

Hose length: 1.2 meters, 1.5 meters, 1.8 meters, 2 meters.

Hose specifications: 14mm 16mm 17mm.

Surface treatment: electrolysis, electroplating

Inner tube material: pvc silicone inner tube, ternary inner tube, etc.


Mainly depends on the surface flexibility of the shower hose and the threaded connection. This is a very important point for a good shower hose, and then the choice of joint materials and the anti-leakage effect, and finally the inner tube. The inner tube is recommended to choose three. Yuan inner tube, ternary inner tube, flexibility and shrinkage are better.

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