How to identify the quality of bathroom hardware


1. Main material Excellent: Generally use pure copper, […]

1. Main material

Excellent: Generally use pure copper, high-quality zinc alloy or stainless steel as raw materials, with tight structure, heavy weight and thick hand feeling. The raw material is preferably pure copper.

Inferior: Generally use inferior zinc alloy recycled materials as raw materials, and cut corners to reduce costs, loose structure, light weight, and frivolity.

2. Surface technology

Excellent: The surface is smooth, flat, free of pores, blemishes and other phenomena. The grinding and polishing process is rigorous, and the coating is tight. Bright luster, thick visual perception, long-term use does not wear, rust, blistering or peeling, and it will last forever.

Inferior: The product surface has pores, silk patterns, cracks, flaws and surface inequality, the polishing process is rough, and the process is simple. The electroplating layer is thin and uneven, the structure is loose, the bonding force is poor, and the gloss is dim. After a period of use, the surface is very easy to rust, wear, blisters, and peel off.



3. Hardware accessories

Excellent: Fasteners use stainless steel screws or copper screws, and glass products use imported glass rings and plates, with uniform thickness, high transparency and clear vision.

Inferior: The fasteners are made of iron screws, which are easy to rust. The glass products are made of domestic low-grade products, with uneven thickness, low transparency and turbid visual perception.


Product features are put first. Choose Frap to see the use function, if the selected function is too poor, it will affect the use effect. In the purchase process, attention should be paid to the matching and professionalism of the product to avoid secondary purchases.

Secondly, style and color must match, and the matching of shape and color is also very important. Also pay attention to the material, whether there are obvious defects, whether the sanitary ware trademark is clear, whether the spare parts are complete, whether there is any deformation, etc.

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