How to choose the right shower


There are many types of showers, and the popular shower […]

There are many types of showers, and the popular showers on the market are roughly divided into three types, wall-mounted, side spray, and hand-held. Their water outlet effects are also different. Whether the water outlet method is appropriate or not is related to the bathing experience and the hygiene of the family. So how to choose a shower? How to choose a shower that suits you?

1. See the water effect. It depends on whether the spray effects of showers with different angles and different water pressures are evenly consistent, which can be checked by adjusting the on-off valve and rotating the nozzle.

2. See the water pattern. When purchasing a shower, you can check whether the small pores on the shower surface are evenly distributed. It is best to personally experience the water output and observe the spray effect of the shower. In order to ensure that under different water pressures, the shower can discharge water normally. Different modes have different body feelings, and the massage + basic watering mode is suitable for different scenarios. But I want to remind you not to blindly pursue the water outlet method. Some showers have four modes, but in fact, there is little difference between each mode. Usually 2-3 different modes are enough.



3. Look at comfort and surface coating. The shape of the shower head depends on the comfort, plating, material, etc. Hand-held comfort mainly depends on the shape and size of the handle, choose the one that suits your hand circumference, and then look at the quality of the plating. It is not that the thicker the plating, the better. If the shower is too thick, it will easily fall off, and if the plating is too thin, the plating It is easily scratched.

4. Look at the shower spool. The valve core affects the service life of the shower and the consumer's experience. Generally speaking, a good shower basically uses a ceramic valve core. The ceramic valve core adjusts the temperature of the water more smoothly and accurately, and makes the water flow more smoothly. It is safer and the shower has a longer service life, which is the advantage of the ceramic valve core.

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