How to choose shower head


With the improvement of people's living standards, show […]

With the improvement of people's living standards, showers are not only about simple cleaning, but also to relax and enjoy after a tiring day. It is especially important to choose a good shower head. A good shower head is the best whether it is from the shower head to the water temperature control and water outlet type, as well as clean and safe. So how to choose a good shower?

1. Look at the size of the shower. Generally, the shower is divided into a top shower and a hand shower. We generally choose a larger size for the top spray shower (generally suitable for shoulder width). When showering, the entire body feels like rain, and feels comfortable and relaxed. The hand shower is generally selected according to the grip of the hand. .

2. A variety of water outlets and extreme experiences. AQUAmate hand-held shower is equipped with a variety of different water outlets. The air is rain-drained. The air is filled with water. Its water droplets are full. The strong cutting of the water column is more concentrated. It is especially suitable for ladies only when washing their hair. It can quickly wash the shampoo and has a local massage effect on the scalp. Walking slowly over the skin can relieve tension on the neck and shoulders, and can be used at the end of the bath.

3. Easy to clean, AQUAmate shower shower is equipped with quick cleaning technology. The water wave device and active silicone fleece are equipped in the shower. Manually rubbing the silicone holes can easily remove stains and limescale, thereby extending the life of the shower. . At present, this is still a high-quality cleaning system for showers with multiple outlet modes.

4. Effective water saving. We said earlier that when choosing a shower, we choose a larger size, but a large shower head means more water, so how can we save water effectively? Choose AQUAmate suitable water-saving shower, with special water-saving device and air injection method, which can effectively save water while ensuring the shower effect.

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