How to choose bathroom hardware pendants


The decoration of the bathroom of the new house can be […]

The decoration of the bathroom of the new house can be said to be a headache. From the waterproofing of tiles to the decoration of bathroom hardware, everything must not be sloppy. The decoration must not be taken lightly until the last moment, such as the bathroom hardware pendant we are going to talk about today

The following points must be paid attention to when choosing bathroom hardware accessories:

1. Look at the design

The hardware pendant should match the style of the bathtub, toilet, and basin in the bathroom, and match the shape of the faucet and the color of the surface coating.

2. Look at the material

Common bathroom hardware pendant materials are copper alloy, stainless steel, zinc alloy, aluminum alloy, etc., among which copper alloy is the most ideal raw material. At present, the application rate of aluminum is not high, mainly because it has two obvious shortcomings: the mechanical strength is too poor, it is very easy to scratch; the appearance is cheap. But the price is cheap. If the budget for home improvement is not high, you can choose aluminum for small bathroom hardware such as hooks. Most people's first choice is generally to choose between stainless steel and copper.



Compared with copper, stainless steel has two advantages: high hardness and no corrosion! But because it is too hard, the manufacturing process is more difficult, especially the refined processing, which is even more difficult. Therefore, most of these bathroom hardware are made of stainless steel on products with simple shapes-such as towel racks, shelves, etc.

Water-related products, such as: faucets, try to choose copper, which is more cost-effective; products that are not related to water, such as bathroom hardware pendants, you can choose brass or stainless steel-there is no difference between the two in use Big, mainly depends on personal preference

3. Look at the coating

The coating of good hardware pendant products is as smooth as mirror glass, without barbs, rust and bubbles.

4. Look at the style

When choosing, the design style should be matched appropriately, so that the pendants can be integrated into the bathroom space to construct an elegant and comfortable bathroom environment. For example, modern minimalist style decoration should use simple silver pendants, while European or pastoral styles generally use bronze or bronze pendants.

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