How to choose bathroom accessories of different materials


There are many materials used to make bathroom accessor […]

There are many materials used to make bathroom accessories, the most common and the cheapest, such as plastic accessories, but below we mainly discuss hardware accessories. The mainstream materials on the market are mainly stainless steel, brass, aluminum, and zinc alloy. Mainly.

1. Space aluminum

Space aluminum is mainly a magnesium-aluminum alloy with special treatment. The advantage of this material is high temperature resistance because it has a high melting point. In addition, it has better impact resistance and load bearing. The disadvantage is that the surface texture is relatively poor. Most of the surface is white. Most of the aluminum pendants are simple to process, so the price is relatively cheap. From a practical point of view, it is good. People who are not demanding on the product can consider it. .

2. Stainless steel pendant

At present, most of the high-end stainless steel pendants on the market are mainly 304 stainless steel. The biggest advantage of 304 stainless steel is that it is corrosion resistant and not easy to rust. It can be used for decades without a problem. Because of its special stainless steel material, it is suitable for forging design and curve. It is not easy to apply to pendants, so there are not many styles on the market. Most of the stainless steel pendants have a polished and brushed surface treatment. Those with higher requirements for life and the pursuit of cost-effectiveness can choose stainless steel pendants.



3. Electroplating pendant

The electroplating pendants on the market are not only brass plating, but also stainless steel and zinc alloy plating, but the high-end pendants are mainly copper plating. The brass surface has good electroplating adhesion, and the surface of the pendant will appear smooth. And there are grades, which can be electroplated in various colors to meet the needs of different styles, and the brass is easy to cast to meet different design needs, and can be made into various shapes. The brass pendants are thicker and have a texture. If the price budget allows Brass pendants can be purchased.


Product features are put first. Look at the use function, if the selected function is too poor, it will affect the use effect. In the purchase process, attention should be paid to the matching and professionalism of the product to avoid secondary purchases.

Secondly, style and color must match, and the matching of shape and color is also very important. Also pay attention to the material, whether there are obvious defects, whether the sanitary ware trademark is clear, whether the spare parts are complete, whether there is any deformation, etc.

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