How to choose a shower room


  01. Material determines the safety of the shower […]


01. Material determines the safety of the shower room

The glass has the characteristics of transparent appearance, moisture resistance and small footprint, and is suitable for space separation of the bathroom. Therefore, the shower room produced by a responsible manufacturer is made of tempered glass with excellent properties such as strength and rigidity.

When consumers choose a shower room, from the perspective of safety and durability, we must also choose products made of tempered glass. However, the appearance of tempered glass is the same as that of ordinary glass. It is difficult to distinguish it with the naked eye. Therefore, when purchasing a shower room, you must choose a brand and a merchant with large scale, high credibility and after-sales service to ensure high quality products.

02. The shape of the shower room depends on the bathroom layout

The shower room has three main styles: round, square and flat. The first two shower rooms are suitable for use in a roughly square bathroom. They need to be installed in a vertical corner. The shower area is divided at the corner of the bathroom. The curved shape is suitable for small-sized houses. The square is suitable for a slightly larger apartment.

The in-line shower room is mounted on a straight line, and the two ends are respectively fixed on the opposite two walls, and one end of the bathroom is divided into a bathing area, which is generally suitable for a rectangular toilet or an irregularly shaped toilet.

03. Don't ignore the role of the seal

The main function of the shower room is to separate the wet and dry water during bathing. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the selected product has a sealing strip at the connection between glass and glass, glass and wall. If not, it is difficult to block the splash of water from the shower when the shower is in use, and the effect of the shower room is greatly reduced. Moreover, the sealing strip of the high-quality shower room should not have a break point at the hinge, and the sealing strip between the glass doors should be magnetic, so that the water retaining performance is better.

The shower room is mainly made of tempered glass, and the corners of the tempered glass are relatively fragile. Be careful not to rub the corners of the glass with hard objects to avoid damage. It is best to choose a product with a sealing strip on the edge of the glass, because the sealing strip can appropriately relieve the impact force generated by the collision and has a certain safety protection effect on the tempered glass.

04. Manufacturers provide professional installation

The high quality shower room has high requirements for installation accuracy, otherwise it will affect the appearance and use effect. In addition, if there is a problem in the use of the shower room, if it is not installed by the manufacturer, it is difficult to determine the responsibility, which is easy to cause wrangling and cause trouble to the consumer. Therefore, the professional installation provided by the manufacturer is relatively reliable. At present, in addition to the online shopping shower room, consumers may be required to pay additional installation costs, and the brands on the market basically provide free professional installation services.

05. Comfortable care

If the shower room does not clean the glass after long-term use, scale will form on the glass, which will affect the appearance. Therefore, after using for a period of time, apply a soft towel to wipe the water trace on the glass to keep the glass surface smooth.

Hardware is critical to the life of the shower room, so pay attention to the cleaning of the hardware frequently, but be careful not to contact with strong acid and alkali, to avoid corrosion and affect the life of the shower room. For the slide-type shower room, it is necessary to regularly clean the sanitary inside the slide rails to remove foreign matter and prevent the slide rails from being pushed and pulled.

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