How to choose a shower nozzle


The shower nozzle is a product that will be prepared fo […]

The shower nozzle is a product that will be prepared for the decoration of the bathroom. The shower nozzle is a common tool for bathing. How comfortable it is to take a hot bath at home after working all day. A good shower head can make people more comfortable in the shower. So choosing a good shower head is still more important. So, what's the little coup for choosing a shower head?

1. When buying a shower head, in addition to paying attention to the price, many people only look at the shape of the shower head. Many people will think which one looks good. In fact, this is wrong. When choosing, the most important thing to pay attention to is the humble faucet under the shower head, because it directly affects the quality and service life of the shower.

2. From the functional point of view, the shower head is divided into two types: bathtub type and shower type. The choice is mainly determined by consumers according to the actual situation of their own home. If the faucet has a water outlet, it is a bathtub shower. , There is another type of faucet with two handles, such as hot water on the left hand and cold water on the right hand. This not only has a clearer identification, but also is convenient to use. It is suitable for the elderly or children at home, while the single handle shape will have two The handle is better.



3. In addition to the above two points, when purchasing a shower head, you also need to consider whether the height of the shower column and the height of the ceiling are appropriate. If you need to adjust the height, it is best to confirm with the salesperson in advance whether it can be adjusted. In some unexpected situations, the height-adjustable shower column has a great advantage that you can adjust the height of the shower head according to your height.


Product features are put first. Choose Frap to see the use function, if the selected function is too poor, it will affect the use effect. The purchase of sanitary ware requires matching. In the purchase process, attention should be paid to the matching and professionalism of the product to avoid secondary purchases.

Secondly, the style and color must match, and the matching of shape and color is also very important. Also pay attention to the material, whether there are obvious defects, whether the sanitary ware trademark is clear, whether the spare parts are complete, whether there is any deformation, etc.

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