How to choose a shower hose


The shower head is an important connector for connectin […]

The shower head is an important connector for connecting the faucet and the sprinkler head. Because the shower head needs to be pulled or twisted casually during use, the shower hose is prone to damage if it is used for a long time, which will cause leakage and other phenomena. Longevity and good shower experience, we must first buy a better shower hose when choosing a shower. So how to choose a better quality shower hose?

Tips for buying shower hoses

Look at the material of shower hose

Because we use cold and hot water during bathing, the faucet plays a role in adjusting the temperature of the water, and the shower hose plays an important role in connecting the shower and the faucet. The use of hot and cold water needs to go through the shower hose, so the shower hose has higher requirements on the material. The material of the inner tube of the hose is preferably EPDM rubber. The advantage of this material is that it is resistant to aging and heat, and it is not easy to swell and deform. The outer tube of the shower hose is made of 304 stainless steel, so the stability and flexibility of the hose are guaranteed.

Look at the surface

Although the surface of the shower hoses of different brands does not look much different, if you look closely, you will find that the surface of the shower hoses of the brands are flat, the gaps are evenly distributed, the touch feels smooth, and the showers are of good quality The hose uses a stainless steel outer surface. The advantage of this material is that it can protect the inner tube and also play a certain explosion-proof role.

Look at tightness

Finally, we need to see if it is tightly connected to the interface of the shower and the faucet, and whether the seal is good. If the tightness of the joints at both ends of the hose is not good, then we will be prone to water leakage in use, and there will still be a certain safety hazard. Good quality hose joints are made of copper. The thickness of the interface and the solid gasket inside are very durable. The appearance is also equipped with a better rubber gasket, which has a better leak-proof effect.

Shower hoses Various metal hoses, braided pipes, PVC reinforced pipes. There are differences in writing about different materials, and there is no absolute answer as to which one is good. When buying in a hardware store, you can compare several materials. The key surface is flat, the gap is uniform, the hand feels smooth, it unfolds naturally, the structure is firm, and the resistance to damage is strong. In addition, the size of the shower hose should be consistent with the shower. The general dimensions are 14mm, 16mm, 17mm and 18mm. You can take the old hose up and buy a new one for comparison.

Maintenance of shower hose

Most shower hose leaks are related to the perception of improper use. We will find that the places where water leaks are often the parts that are often bent, and these parts are subject to huge forces for a long time, so they are easily damaged. Therefore, when using the shower, we should try not to bend it too much, and hang it when not in use, so that the shower hose can maintain a natural stretched state.

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