How many types of shower heads


According to the purpose of the shower, the shower can […]

According to the purpose of the shower, the shower can generally be divided into three types: hand shower, top shower and side shower.

1. Hand shower

Hand-held shower head is the most common and most familiar shower head. Hand-held shower head can be held and used for washing, or it can be fixed on the shower socket or sliding seat. When showering, you can change the angle and the size of the water flow at will.



2. Overhead shower

The overhead shower is to fix the shower bracket on the wall, so that the shower is in the overhead position, the water is discharged vertically, and it falls down. Its bracket does not have the lifting function like ordinary hand showers, and can be adjusted in height. The water outlet angle of the shower head can be adjusted. This kind of shower has a more enjoyable use and feels the comfort of being covered all over.

3. Side spray shower

The side spray shower can clean and massage the body by jetting water. There are various installation positions and spray angles, and the whole body can be massaged during the shower. The side spray shower is like a hand shower head, except that it is installed on the wall. There are also vertical showers, which are fixed to the wall by brackets.

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