• Classification Of Hoses

    Classification Of Hoses

    The threaded hose is mainly made of galvanized steel strip, stainless steel strip, PA, PE, PP and other plastic materials. Uses: Wire and cable protection is used in machinery manufacturing, electrical insulation protection, lighting equipment, automobile manufacturing, aviation equipment, subways, ... read more

    Oct 14,2021 Media
  • What Should I do If The Shower Head Is Blocked?

    What Should I do If The Shower Head Is Blocked?

    Every time you take a shower, you need to use the shower, and after the shower is used for a long time, it will inevitably be blocked. If the shower is blocked, it will affect the normal use, so it needs to be cleaned in time, so what if the shower head is blocked? Clean it up?   1. Dip with vi... read more

    Oct 08,2021 Media
  • Shower classification

    Shower classification

    ①Portable shower: you can hold the shower in your hand and shower at will, and the shower bracket has a fixed function; ②Overhead shower: The shower head is fixed at the top of the head, and the bracket is inserted into the wall. It does not have the function of lifting. However, there is a small mo... read more

    Sep 28,2021 Media
  • Simply Install Double Locking Shower Hoses

    Simply Install Double Locking Shower Hoses

    It's not necessary to spend a fortune on commercial waterproofing products when you can simply install double locking shower hoses. A shower is more than simply a shower, and the right showering products are more than just supplies. In fact, you have a wide array of showering products to experience ... read more

    Sep 24,2021 Media
  • PVC Hose Is An Exotic Material

    PVC Hose Is An Exotic Material

    First, let us know what is PVC hose all about. PVC hose is manufactured from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) resin with additives, lubrication, etc. and extruded by a hot-pressure injection molding system. Its properties and electrical insulation characteristics are excellent; it also has very good plastic... read more

    Sep 16,2021 Media